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Loft Insulation

Loft insulation stops heat escaping from ceilings and also stops the cold air from entering, loft insulation is pivotal to a well-insulated home.

The most heat loss in most homes is generally homes without loft insulation, as we all know warm air rises and escapes out above, but with Eco-Green Deals quilt loft material this is no longer the case as our special products prevent your heat escaping unduly.

Frequently Asked Questions – External Cavity Wall Insulation

The current regulations under the EEC programme states that a minimum 270mm of Loft Insulation is required.

As much as 25% of heat is lost through a roof which is not adequately insulated.

Any existing insulation can be left in the loft and an additional layer added to it to bring it up to the required minimum thickness. Depending on the age of the previous loft insulation, we may remove the old insulation. Old insulation generally has a life span of 32 years.

Once the loft has been insulated to a minimum 270mm thickness the ceiling joists will no longer be visible making the roof space hazardous to anyone attempting to enter.

However it is possible to arrange for additional joists and floor boarding to be fixed via a local joiner to help maintain your storage area.

If you already have a boarded area of no more than a third of the loft area the installers will work around it and leave it uncovered. .

Apart from any cables feeding a shower unit they will not. A cable, which feeds a shower unit, is usually a 30amp. The installers will identify this and make sure this cable is not covered by the insulation by either laying the cable on top if there is enough flex or leaving a gap in the insulation around the cable to ensure it does not overheat.

No. The installers will cut the insulation away from these leaving a gap of approximately 2” around the lights to prevent overheating.

It is not always possible to do these areas. The reason being is that the timbers within these areas need to breathe and if loft insulation is fitted in these areas it can block the airflow off altogether.

Access to these areas is usually minimal if at all existent. However every property has to be treated on an individual basis and the surveyor will make an assessment when visiting the property and advise accordingly.

It is very common that roof spaces are not big enough for anyone to stand up in. This is not usually a problem as the installers are usually working in a kneeling position on walk boards.

On rare occasions where the loft hatch is not big enough to get the insulation into the loft a new loft hatch can be created by the installing company at an additional cost.

Any mess created should be very minimal, as the installers will provide dustsheets to cover the areas of carpeting/flooring around the loft access areas to the door of entry to the property.

Anything between 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on the size of the property and the amount of insulation being installed.

There are various grants available at the moment but they all have individual criteria’s. All you have to do is contact us and we will advise you accordingly if you are able to access any of these.

Applying for Funding

Eco-Green Deals have installed 1000’s of loft insulation in homes making homes a more energy efficient home. We currently are working under the goverments ECO obligation scheme saving our customers hundreds of pounds a year. We would love to hear from you.

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CheckaTrade Customer, Bradford

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CheckaTrade Customer, Bradford

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CheckaTrade Customer, Bradford

"I recommend Eco Green Deals, thank you John for installing my boiler. Very pleasant ..."

CheckaTrade Customer, Bradford

"I recommend Eco Green Deals, thank you John for installing my boiler. Very pleasant ..."

CheckaTrade Customer, Bradford

"I recommend Eco Green Deals, thank you John for installing my boiler. Very pleasant ..."

CheckaTrade Customer, Bradford

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